Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your shop located?

We do not have a retail outlet. We’re a full fledge online bakery that takes in pre-orders only.

We have a collection point in USJ 21 for you to collect your orders. However, we will only be there at the collection point by appointment only.

How can I place my order?

You can order via our online shop or reach out to us at +60173071851

Can I place an order for same day delivery/pickup? Do I need to pre-order?

Same day collection/pick up is not available as we only bake and prepare based on daily orders. Various products have different lead times. Do refer to each product to know more about their lead time. Rough guide as below:-

Creampuffs – 1 day notice (by 3pm)

Cakes/Croquembouche/Dessert Tartlets – 2 days notice (by 3pm)

Platter/Savory Puffs/Dessert in a Cup – 3 days notice (by 3pm)

We require a minimum 4-day order notice for orders above 400 creampuffs or orders above RM400. We do suggest that you place your order as early as possible to avoid any disappointment as our kitchen has limited daily capacity.

What is the minimum order?

All our items have minimum order quantity as we only bake all our pastries upon orders to ensure quality and freshness.
Minimum order guide is as below:
  • Creampuffs/Savory Puffs – 2 boxes of 12 creampuffs
  • Mini Creampuffs – 1 box of 50 mini creampuffs
  • Cupcakes / Mini Cakes – 1 box of 12
  • Dessert in a Cup – 25 cups

Can I mix and match Creampuff flavors at random quantities?

No. We only bake and prepare based on daily order, thus each flavor comes in a certain quantity.
Classic and Durian Creampuffs: 12 pieces
Premium Creampuffs: 6 pieces per flavor

Are there any delivery charges?

Yes. Delivery charges start from RM12 and vary according to distance. FYI – we engage GoGet car delivery to ensure that your pastries arrive in optimal condition.

How do I know if my delivery address is covered under Kee's Creampuffs delivery area?

Key in your address at the checkout page – your delivery address is under our delivery coverage area if the delivery fee is tabulated.
If the delivery fee is not tabulated, it indicates that it’s out of the delivery coverage area. However, you can contact us via call/Whatsapp at +60173071851 to check if we are able to arrange for delivery

How do I make payment?

All payments are made via online/bank transfer. All payments have to be made within the time frame provided in the confirmation message from us otherwise stated. Full payment is required to confirm and secure your order and collection/delivery slot.

How do I know if my order is confirmed?

Your order is confirmed once full payment has been made and cleared into our account within the time frame provided. Our team will send an email/Whatsapp to acknowledge payment made and to confirm your order.

Can I amend my pick-up/delivery date and time?

Change of collection/delivery date:

Not applicable if your order is for next day collection/delivery. We would have already started to prepare for your order (ie: cream) and changes in delivery date will result in food wastage

Yes, if you notify us 48-hrs before your collection date. We will try our best to accommodate your updated collection/delivery date

 Change of collection/delivery time:

Yes, if you notify us 12-hrs before collection/delivery time. Subject to availability

Can I request for a specific delivery time?

Our delivery partner will deliver within 30-minutes time frame of your preferred delivery time. We are unable to deliver at a specific time due to traffic and unforeseen circumstances. (ie: If you wish to receive your items at 2pm, we will arrange for delivery to be done between 1:30pm – 2:00pm)

How do I receive delivery updates?

Our team will get in touch with you when delivery is OTW. Our delivery partner will also get in touch with you via call/SMS/Whatsapp when they are nearby.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes – if cancellation is 48-hour prior to collection date. However, any payment made will not be refunded. Payment made will be converted into store credit and must be used within three-months from the original collection date. Please call/Whatsapp us if you wish to cancel your order.

Can I deliver to different addresses?

Yes. You would need to place the orders separately on our website. Only one delivery address is applicable to one order.

What if the receiver is not present when the items are delivered?

Additional fee will be charged for second attempt delivery.

Is Kee's Creampuffs Halal?

No – we are not Halal certified by JAKIM. However, our menu is alcohol and pork-free. We also source and purchase our ingredients and products from Halal suppliers.

How long can I keep my creampuffs?

The creampuffs MUST BE refrigerated. We suggest that you keep the creampuffs for no longer than 2-days as the longer you keep the creampuffs, the pastry will be dry.

Keep Durian Creampuffs refrigerated at all times. As we use pure D24 Durian puree for our durian cream, exposure to hot weather for long period of time will cause the Durian cream to turn bad. We suggest that you consume the Durian Creampuffs within the day of collection

What is the best way to ensure the freshness of the creampuffs?

It’s best to consume your creampuffs on the day of collection. If unable to finish it on the day itself, do keep the creampuffs refrigerated in an airtight container with a cloth/kitchen towel covering the creampuffs

Do you provide personalised message on the creampuffs/cake/croquembouche/cupcakes?

No. We do not provide personalized messages on the cake. However, you can opt to add on customized cake topper (price depends on design). We can also include a handwritten note on your behalf, FOC.

Are your pastries suitable for diabetes/vegan/keto diet?

Unfortunately, no. Our pastries contain eggs, dairy and sugar.