"Sincere baking at its best!"

​Kee’s Creampuffs started of as a love child between a mother (she’s Kee and Kee’s Creampuffs is named in honor of our mom) and her kids (us).

Creampuffs was the only pastry that our mom was remotely interested in baking. At that point of time, we couldn’t find any creampuffs that could rival our mom’s (bias much, eh?). As mom started to dish out her creampuffs during family gatherings or as gifts for her friends, they began asking for more.

One fine day, and one of those rare Aha! moments strike us and we thought – if our family and friends loved mom’s creampuffs, will the mass market love it as much as we do?

We then decided to venture and to reach out to the mass and test out our product. Oh, and yes, we only started with ONE flavor (our signature Classic) at that time. How daring and brave were we to only set up business with ONE SINGULAR product?

We started small – a FB page (www.fb.com/keescreampuffs) and scoured for spots in flea markets. ‘Lo and behold, customers who bought from us at flea markets got back to us and ordered in bulk for their private and corporate events.

Having our creampuffs validated by others was a boost in our confidence that allowed us to continue and grow into what we were and are doing.

We’ve added more and more items onto our menu – and will continue to do so. But what remains as the anchor point for us and this brand is that we will always always stay true to our tag line “Sincere baking at its best”.  We will bake with all our hearts in hope that you will like (if not love) our product and that we are able to satisfy your sweet (and sometimes, savory) tooth.

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